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All software companies are constantly working to increase their features available with their software. Often, companies purchase services that eventually become redundant, or expensive in comparison to the newer alternatives.

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Weare constantly keeping our eye out on new products, new features, and prices to help out clients get the best value for their money. It may be worthwhile to have someone look over your expenses and see where there is overlap, redunancy, or opportunities.

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Since 2014

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We’ve helped cut costs of many companies by identifying expensive contracts, moving to cloud services, consolidating resources, and switching to Open Source solutions. 

Learn move about Technology Management

Before even looking at expenses, we first want to understand what is the organizations busines process and what technologies are important to meet that goal.

Next, we collect all the bills and accounts of your tech expenses. We’ll take a look at each one, what they offer, and begin to map out what is needed for your oganization.

Next, we take the steps with your organization to move towards consolidating your tech to less /other vendors to remove redundant vendors form your process.

Finally, we work with your organization to help move towards cheaper and more efficient tech that is sustainable for your organization.


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We are Problem Solvers at heart, which means only working when we know we can help. We don’t charge if we can’t serve. Whether you are just getting off the ground or have an aging/complicated/disorganized infrastructure, we can help.

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