Starting WordPress Package – $1,500


  • WordPress Installation
  • Custom Nginx Configuration
  • Theme Installation
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • WordPress Settings Optimization


  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy Pages


  • Front Page Design
  • Templated Additional Pages Design
  • Custom Colours Set
  • Custom Font Set
  • Custom Site Icon
  • Optimized for Mobile

Submission Forms

  • Contact Us +1 Form
  • SMTP Gateway Configuration & Testing
  • ReCaptcha Configuration
  • Confirmation & Notification Routing


  • Feedback Edits until Client Approval
  • DNS Configuration
  • Testing
  • Enable Search Indexing
  • Training Session on how to use/edit the website.
Where is my Site Hosted?

We work in conjunction with Swiftgrid provides amazing managed hosting services, as well as E-mail and other services. Learn more at

Who Provides Content?

Content is the most important aspect of the website, and should be handled by the people that know the clients business the best, which is the client. 

Content that is provided as early as possible in the development process helps steer the design in a way that is fluid with the content and works to bring it to the forefront. A website that is designed first before quality content comes in will be in need of changes.

What if there is no content?

Text – Placeholder text will be written in to site areas until better content can be written. The web developers are not expert writers, but can help provide tips on how much text should be in an area, and what it should be talking about.

Images – Images will be procured from Royalty-Free Stock Image sites if not provided by the client

Colours & Font – You company logo already speaks a lot about your company, so the logo will be the basis for deriving colours and font for the website so that the logo looks natural on the site. 

Site Icon – If you do not have a icon version of your logo, we can simply derive a simple icon from your logo.

Additional Development

Additional General Content

  • We can teach you how to expand your site
  • +$95/h for additional content additions.

Additional Functionality

  • ~$500-$1000 for each additional function
  • Plugin Source/Installation/Configuration


  • Ongoing
  • Variable Rates / Plans
  • Collaborative Goal Oriented Progress
What Additional Functions can you do with WordPress

Almost anything! We have worked with many module to increase functionality on the site. If you have a great idea we can help make it happens. Here are a few modules examples:

  • Advanced Woocommerce Work
  • Directory / Listing
  • User Login Front-Ends / Forums
  • Portfolio’s / Galleries
  • Personal / Room Booking
  • Many More
How Much does SEO Cost? How Important is it?

Search Engine Optimization is a topic that everyone talks about, but no one really fully understands (ourselves included). Having your website visible on the Internet is extremely important, there are many strategies that can help you get there. SEO is only one strategy and it can be very costly for minimal benefit to your business. “Getting you on the 1st page of Google” is extremely subjective. Here is how we can help on the subject.

  • Create a collaborative partnership in mutual effort to increase your visibility with minimal costs.
  • Design our pages and edit your content to meet current standards for website optimization.
  • Submissions of Site and Web Maps to Google Webmasters
  • Provide tips and insight on how people search, and how to creative claim search real estate with blogging and page content.
  • Assist with Exterior Site influences such has Google Maps, Adwords and 3rd Party Directories. 
  • Consultation on looking at other developers SEO proposals.