Technology Essentials

Basic company infrastructure requires a significant amount of knowledge regarding basic technologies. With thousands of options to choose from, it is difficult to choose the best solutions. Many tech companies will reach out only to make sales and not to provide the best decisions for your business. 

Getting the best from your technology

Technology within itself does not improve the efficiency of your business. The use of technology takes training, and commitment to the tools for them to produce results. Without a confident technology strategy a business can spend millions on products that only complicate your business process and frustrate your employees. Great technology starts with great business organization.


Organizational Structure

One of the big mistakes in organization is poorly designed organizational structure. Who reports to who? Who is responsible for this work or that employee. Who takes over the work when an employee moves on? Structures can be creative and beyond the typical hierarchy, but they must be defined and understood.

Innovative Culture & Values

Introducing technology without a culture of innovation can be devastating, and top down enforcement of change will alienate workers. Innovation and change management starts with developing a business culture that embraces change, and culture development starts at the head of business. Organizations that do not have a proper mission statement and core values will not have a culture that will create opportunities for new technology and innovation.

Employee Engagement

Employees want to feel valued and listened to, and business owners want increased efficiency and value from its employees. Why not work together? Technology initiatives work best when employees feel that they are part of the problem solving team. Receiving candid and creative feedback takes humility and a willingness to adapt, but it can revolutionize your business.

Define the Problem

Most technology applications are a solution that tries to sell you on a problem, but this is how technology causes problems. Define the deep rooted problem first, then the solution will be simple to find and easy to implement.

Is Data Important?

Collecting and analyzing data is essential in improving business practices. 

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