If Social Media has had one crowning achievement of its short career, it would be allowing the world to see each other for first time, at the same time. We are now able to see that every action we take makes ripples in our community, our country, and our entire world. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Profit is no longer the only bottom line. Environmental sustainability, community impact, and social justice are now also key elements to a successful business. The good thing is that many of these things are interconnected, and can continue to increase profit. Let’s live in a world where it pays to be a global citizen.


Not For Profit Assistance

It is surprising what you can get for free or discounted as a Not-for-Profit, however the process for acquiring this technology can be tedious. Developing technology in a not-for-profit is important as it allows you to multiply the value to get from every donation dollar you receive.


Budgetary Work

Many Organizations are afraid of asking because of how much it may cost. We are prepared to work with whatever budget restraints there are. No one should be without IT peace of mind. 


Proudly Canadian

Businesses in Canada need to support when possible their local business and technology companies. SAAS (Software as a service) pours money out of a community when it could be kept to support sovereign data servers and local programmers.


Open Source

Open Source Software is a product to embrace and engage with and not something to shy away from. There are great tools out there that are being passed by for subscription based services.

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